Thursday, April 21, 2011

assalammualaikum & salam sejahtera...

This is my first post but not my first blog actually, the other one that i made before..urm..i totally forgot the password. whatever..that's not the point here..alright..i wish to use more English than Malay ''due to several reasons''..yup! IIUM students will totally understand this ''thesis statement''. well, im not kind of MELAYU MUDAH LUPA but i just kind of person who want to be better in this NON-MALAY language. i might do lots of grammatical errors, sentences structure, coherence & cohesion, lack of vocabulary, what else..? entah ape lagi celpad ajar aku pun tak ingat dah..enough about english. macam tak de bende laen nk post..hehehe..

first thing first, i would lurve to tell about my schools..start with THE PRIMARY SCHOOL..

class since 1997 until 2002
My first school, SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN DATUK BANDAR DEBAK! it's not located even near to any town at all, so i don't have idea why they named it with ''BANDAR''. by myself..ade aku kisah..this one is a fact ; SK DATUK BANDAR  was named after SULTAN BRUNEI delegate at SARIBAS a long time ago. The delegate name is DATUK BANDAR ABDUL HAMID.

 Honestly, i don't have any pictures from my primary school. Plus, there are not many i memorize during this child period..yg ni pun maen search je, baru je ta

Each school for sure have their own patriotic song..and this is it! SK DATUK BANDAR patriotic song...haha...once again an honest confession, i don't remember any parts of this song..but im proud used to be one of this wonderful school pupil.

ok, conclusion be continued..