Saturday, May 28, 2011

RESILIA ; Remaja Suci Dari ZINA, Mulia Dalam Agama!!!

This is Censerve Resilia Project LOGO. This project mission is to give the awareness of ZINA (english = adultery, fornication) especially to youngsters in nowadays which are too vulnerable to negatives stuffs and matters which also can lead them to ZINA! I knew this issues is old but don't forget, its never meet the ending! Actually, today is my first time joined a welfare awareness about zina & baby dumping organized by RESILIA, IIUMand alhamdulillah, it makes me realize by myself that it is something that people should concern not just by discussing but there's need an actions. i knew that its will never be easy  because you wanna changed people to be afraid & get far away from this matters. i wish not to stop even though i will face hard times after this. i knew i have to be part of it, just like the others!

Alright, lets see what the definition of ZINA. Zina is infidelity to one's husband or wife by voluntarily having sexual intercourse with someone else. OR having sexual intercourse with no marriage.

The most important thing here is about the BABY DUMPING! The statistics of it is getting higher and seems no decreasing is shown yet. Resilia Project is just one from those people who are care about this issues, and them  whom are listening and taking actions but also giving solutions. Insyallah. Thinking about it, our societies is nothing compared to JAHILIAH (the age before the arrival of Islam) societies. How can we be able to watch all of it and keep silent??? lets take a look of all this pictures, will it change your mind???

What do you think? we do felt sympathy, we do angry to those who dumped those innocent babies, yes, we do care but there is problems..this issues will never end because not all of us are willing to stop this cruel baby dumping. When you make mistakes, it doesnt mean you the have to abandon those babies. Its better to find SOLUTION than this! okay, here are some of information that i got from Resilia when you are already gone far with ZINA..try to contact them if you scare people might ''isolated'' you especially from your own society. There is ways other than baby dumping.

  • CENSERVE TEAM, unit khidmat masyarakat universiti islam antarabangsa, malaysia. Call / Fax ; 03-61964039. E-mel ;
  • Polis Diraja Malaysia, bukit aman 50560 kuala lumpur. Fax 03-20707500. E-mel ;
  • Rumah Perlindungan Wanita Darul Wardah d/a anjung berkat, no. 02-02-06, wisma mais, jalan RU 3/9A, seksyen 3, 40000 shah alam, selangor darul ehsan. Tel/Fax ; 03 5511 8994. Kak Wardah 019-2774175.

If you are interested and wanna know more about ZINA consequences, just click and Insyallah, all the information about ZINA and baby dumping is in there. Have a nice reading! :)

P/S more sharing...
Al-Quran surah An-Nisa' ayat 93: Maksudnya:
"Dan sesiapa yang membunuh mukmin dengan sengaja maka balasannya neraka jahanam, kekal dia didalamnya dan Allah murka kepadanya dan melaknat akannya serta menyediakan baginya azab seksa yang besar''".


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